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Dear Woman whose body embalmed with strength
To carry “THIS GIRL”,
From the womb, you should already know her
She’s someone’s daughter
She is somebody’s sister
She is a neighbor, a friend, an acquaintance
She would be somebody’s best friend
She is someone’s “Beloved”?
She would be someone’s colleague
She would be someone’s prophet, evangelist and spiritual sister
She will be someone’s student, somebody’s teacher
Please, remember this!
THIS GIRL, will be somebody’s true love and Princess Charming
She would be somebody’s WIFE
One day, she would be somebody’s mother
She would be someone’s “in-law
She would be someone’s MENTOR; hope and inspiration
Someday, she would be someone’s grandmother and more blessed, someone’s great grandmother
Dear Woman whose body embalmed with strength?
To carry “THIS GIRL”?,
From the womb, you should already know her
SHE is to be in EVERYONE’S “WORLD”
So train her as these roles above demand
Treat her as such!
Pray for her as such!
Care for her as such!
Dear Woman,
THIS GIRL you are carrying is “NECESSARY” and “IMPORTANT”
Don’t abort her
Don’t abandon her
Love her!
Provide for her!
Because THIS GIRL may be a daughter to you,
But she is much more to the rest of us!
Keep our sister, neighbour, acquaintance, best friend, beloved, lover, mentor, prophet, evangelist, student, teacher, wife, mother, in-law, mentor, grandmother, great grandmother.
And may be, our doctor, our lawyer, our CEO, our motivational speaker, our engineer, our writer, our financier, our counselor, our entrepreneur, our journalist, our politician, our scientist, our designer, our inventor, our preacher.
Maybe our President or Secretary General
Please, Keep THIS GIRL (for us)!?

Every child has a Heavenly Father!☺
Thank you.
Elizabeth Ewudiwa

Dedicated to Ms Benewaa. 
A young lady who made it through every struggle to have her baby.
(c) 2019 Elizabeth Ewudiwa
A poem written to support and encourage every mother who had a child they weren’t ready and prepared to keep. To every woman who fight daily to keep her children alive, God bless you.

To every victim of sexual abuse, rape or teenage pregnancy, abortion is deadly!. You may not have wished for the situation but that child has something to offer you and the world than death.
Greatness is in your womb!
Abortion FREE! You can survive this:)

Psalm 127:3 NLT “Children are a gift from the LORD; they are a reward from him”

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