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Quarterly Magazine

The EDM quarterly magazine provides an entertaining route to education. It is specially designed for your children, friends, colleagues, mate or siblings between the ages of 12 to 40. Fashion, technology, health, events, entertainment, music and the EDM contests of the year. We will celebrate our biggest quarter fan and oops! Also enjoy poetry from renowned writer, fictional stories of all kinds, tips to academic excellence, identifying your purpose and great advice from humble vessels of God on earth. Don’t relent, book one now!

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In ministering hope, we believe the earliest time is NOW. Watch us interview great and growing people, talk about beauty, love, character, faith and everything a youth in this century finds interesting.

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Birthday, anniversary, celebrate with words

Do you have a loved one you miss or wish to celebrate? Don’t think too far because words are the biggest celebration tools. Place an order for a content curation.

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